Tim Saw

Tim Shaw is the Head of Research for the Wheatsheaf Group, an investor in businesses across the global food and agriculture supply chain. The Group is part of the Grosvenor Estate, a global organisation whose purpose is to deliver lasting commercial and social benefit through its varied activities.


Wheatsheaf’s portfolio includes investments into the AKVA Group, Enterra Feed and BluWrap. BluWrap is a global company that provides naturally extended shelf-life technology that has the potential to revolutionize fresh protein supply chains worldwide.  The company’s technology uses its patented oxygen management techniques to create and maintain an all-natural controlled atmosphere environment that extends the shelf life of perishable proteins.  BluWrap enables suppliers of fresh protein to distribute their products in an environmentally responsible manner utilizing alternative transport to airfreight, while still delivering a fresh, high quality product to customers.


Tim has over 10 years’ experience in investment research, valuation and equity markets. Earlier in his career Tim was an equity analyst for Citigroup Investment Bank, covering the European small and mid-cap technology sector. Tim holds a Masters degree in Engineering, Economics and Management from the University of Oxford.