Ban Ki-moon

Ban Ki-moon was the eighth Secretary-General of the United Nations, serving two consecutive terms, from 1 January 2007 to 31 December 2016.

Ragnar Tveterås

Is an economist and has done research on aquaculture and seafood industry economics and markets since the 1990s. His research has been concerned with the entire value chain from primary production to final consumer markets.

Nina Willumsen Grieg

Nina Willumsen Grieg works as Business Development Manager in Grieg Seafood ASA.


She has been part of the company since 2014, leading strategic growth and internal improvement projects in the group.

George W. Chamberlain

Dr. George Chamberlain began his career in aquaculture as a researcher and extension specialist at Texas A&M University.  During the 1990’s, he directed the aquaculture programs at Ralston Purina International and at Monsanto. He then led the development of several integrated shrimp farming projects in Asia.

Adam Anders

Adam is the Managing Partner and co-founder of Anterra Capital, an independent growth capital fund that invests in companies that are transforming the safety, security and sustainability of global food.

José Antonio Camposano C.

José Antonio is the Executive President of the National Chamber of Aquaculture of Ecuador (NCA), private institution acting on behalf of the Ecuadorian shrimp industry, second most important exportable product of the non-oil supply of Ecuador registering more than $ 2.8 billion in exports and sustaining nearly 220,000 jobs.

Gareth Johnstone

Gareth Johnstone is the Director General for WorldFish. He is a UK national, studied for his Bachelor’s degree in Zoology at Sheffield University, Master degree in Environmental Economics at London School of Economics and Political Science, and PhD from Kings College London on rights-based management.

Joseph Rehmann

Joseph Rehmann launched Victory Farms in Kenya in late 2015. In its first two years of operation, it has become the largest fish farm in East Africa, and on its current growth trajectory will be the fastest growing tilapia farm in Africa this year.

Assaf Shechter

Dr. Assaf Shechter is the founder and CEO of Enzootic, an animal biotechnology and genetics company which developed a pioneering mono-sex all-female technology for freshwater and marine shrimp.

Asbjørn Drengstig

Asbjørn Drengstig is a Marine biologist, and has for the last 20 years been involved in skill enhancement projects, development of RAS technologies and commercialisation of new species world-wide.

Shai Ufaz 

Shai Ufaz, PhD., is the CEO and co-founder of ViAqua Therapeutics, a company developing an oral delivery platform for treating aquaculture diseases. ViAqua Therapeutics was established in 2014 to address the growing need for effective, affordable solution to combat diseases in shrimp and other aquaculture species.

Henrik Österblom

Henrik Österblom has a Ph.D. in marine ecology and has worked as special advisor to the Swedish Government on ocean policies. His research focus on long-term ecological dynamics of the Baltic Sea, the role of the fishing industry in solving complex environmental challenges and the globalization of seafood production.

HRH Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

HRH Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden will speak on the topic “The Ocean Challenge and SeaBOS” at the international aqua culture conference AquaVision in Stavanger, Norway on June 13. 2018.

Pellegrino Riccardi 

Pellegrino is a highly sought-after moderator, keynote speaker and after-dinner speaker. With well over 150 annual appearances on a stage somewhere in the world, Pellegrino is very accustomed to being on “both sides of the table” when it comes to contributing to a successful conference.

Therese Log Bergjord

Therese Log Bergjord joined Skretting in 2017 as Chief Executive Office of Skretting, Chief Operating Officer of Nutreco Aqua Feed Division, and member of Nutreco Executive Committee.

Knut Nesse

Knut Nesse has been with Skretting and Nutreco for more than 20 years. During this period Nesse held various leading international positions in the company located in Norway and Chile. 

Viggo Halseth

Viggo Halseth has worked for Skretting and Nutreco since 1984 and has served the company in a broad range of national and international managerial roles. Mr Halseth is Chief Innovation Officer in Nutreco and part of the Nutreco Executive Committee.

Mads Martinsen

Mads Martinsen was 1 year old when he visited his first fish farm, and has spent his whole working life in the aquaculture industry. He has been working for Skretting since 2011 within R&D and product development.

Geir Ove Ystmark

Geir Ove Ystmark is CEO of Sjømat Norge (NSF - The Norwegian Seafood Federation), an interest organization representing approximately 550 member companies with 12.000 employees in the Norwegian seafood sectors.

Ken Hughes

Ken Hughes is now acknowledged as being one of the world’s leading authorities on consumer and shopper behavior, internationally renowned for helping his largely blue-chip client base better understand the needs of the future consumer.

Bryton Shang

Bryton Shang is the founder and CEO of Aquabyte, a Silicon Valley and Norway-based venture-backed company applying machine learning and computer vision to aquaculture fish farming for biomass estimation, sea lice counting, and feed optimization and formulation.

Antoine Hubert

Mr. Antoine Hubert is Chairman, CEO and co-founder of YNSECT and also President & co-founder of the International Platform of Insects for Food & Food (IPIFF).

Tim Shaw

Tim Shaw is the Head of Research for the Wheatsheaf Group, an investor in businesses across the global food and agriculture supply chain. The Group is part of the Grosvenor Estate, a global organisation whose purpose is to deliver lasting commercial and social benefit through its varied activities.

Carl Folke

Dr. Carl Folke is a systems thinker in integrative science for sustainability. He has broken new interdisciplinary ground across the natural and social sciences and contributed to the development of new areas of research, concepts and approaches that have spread in science, education, policy and practice and more recently into the business community.

Stefan Hyttfors

Stefan Hyttfors is an acclaimed futurist, author and global speaker focused on distruptive technologies, behavioral change and next generation leadership.