Joseph Rehmann

Joseph Rehmann launched Victory Farms in Kenya in late 2015. In its first two years of operation, it has become the largest fish farm in East Africa, and on its current growth trajectory will be the fastest growing tilapia farm in Africa this year. VF is focused on building a commercial fish farm and distribution platform that can dramatically reduce the cost of tilapia throughout Africa. Whilst building scale, VF also plans to be the first carbon negative commercial fish farm and make dramatic improvements in the lives of thousands of Kenyans employed directly and indirectly.


In addition to his operational experience, Joseph enjoyed the rigorous training of investment banking, interning at Morgan Stanley in NYC and later spending 4 years in middle market advisory services in Seattle and Los Angeles, where he played a supporting role in capital transactions for companies with revenues ranging from $10m to $1b (M&A, IPO, private placement).


During University and MBA, Joseph held a variety of internships: teaching at Jagellonian University in Poland; rural marketing for General Motors Thailand and ASEAN; and supporting a new private equity fund in its Africa food strategy development.


Born in Egypt, he has been immersed in frontier markets for much of his life and career. He is passionate about the positive impact of capital markets and strongly believes that the world today needs responsible financial and operational architects to develop new markets and ensure the fruits of capitalism are inclusive.


Joseph earned his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Notre Dame and his MBA from INSEAD in Singapore and France.